A first birthday in Amsterdam

September 15, 2020

Dear Rebecca

Four years ago today, you were born, so quietly, I cried with worry and craned my neck to try and see if you were okay. I kept on asking Dad if you were okay, and then I heard your cry as they started prodding you. I originally thought something was amiss as babies are generally born announcing with a cry that they’ve arrived.

You have made yourself known in so many other ways – your happiness, your love for people, your strength, and your resilience.

Today we celebrate our first family birthday in Amsterdam, and it’s a happy one for sure, but I’m a little heartsore you don’t get to embrace your family today. We will try fill that space with even more love and attention, and cake, presents, balloons and a celebration out.

You flew into Amsterdam and soared from then on – adjusting, learning and growing, and only looking forward. You have adjusted to our new life beautifully, and while you miss certain people, you have let go of all the nice things we used to enjoy there.

You scooter to school with your wild blonde hair flying in the wind, ready to navigate a fun day at school in Dutch. You greet and pat all the dogs you see walking past, and you want to climb every jungle gym with the same attitude you approach everything here – a brave and happy one.

May your 4th year be a special one. We have grown with you so much over the last four years, and wish you so much love, happiness, fun scooter rides, ice cream and adventure this year.

Happy birthday my incredible girl,


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