The lockdown update – part two

April 20, 2020

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’m measuring lockdown time by how many kilograms I’ve put on. So far, we’re in kilogram three of lockdown, and if there’s one thing that needs social distancing, it’s me and the carbohydrates. I’ve been exercising daily, but I’ve also been burying myself in snacking (part comfort, part I’m closer to the kitchen ALL the time), and I’m now – I think – in control again, charting everything I eat, and trying not to exceed my daily calorie requirements.

We are on the whole doing great – we’re in a fantastic position clothed, fed and secured. Andrew and I are working, Max, you’re back to online classes, and Rebecca, you’re just content doing crafts, playing, baking and watching YouTube and Nefflix (I’m not even going to lie and say this isn’t a big feature in your day).

I have a manageable amount of anxiety, and it helps not to be aware of all the struggle that’s going on in the country right now. If the situation stressed me out two months ago, it’s grown immensely since. We’re all worried, grieving, uncomfortable in some sense, learning and adjusting.

Like everyone, we’re wondering when life will be back to the new normal, and when all systems and businesses will be back on the go.

But let’s rather chat about what I’ve been up to and what’s happening in da house…

Reading: Currently I’m reading The Authenticity Project. It’s a great read. I’m getting through a book every three/four days – part of my routine is to read from around 10pm to 12am.

Watching: Shtiesel all together, with Fauda on the lineup next week. Max, it’s great watching more grown-up shows with you, and watching you fly out the room when an awkward scene comes up. On my own, I’m watching Survivor, Queer Eye, Workin’ Moms and MasterChef Australia.

Eating: Before my carbs-in-excess lockdown, I was eating rolls, pretzels, sweets, matzah, matzah balls, Easter eggs etc etc. Things are more balanced, but I’m not ready to give up my condensed milk in coffee.

Exercising: I’ve signed up to Lisa Raleigh’s live rebounding classes, and The Storm Centre’s variety of barre and HIIT

Missing: My running and running group. Eating out. Not running Two Oceans Marathon last week was tough. Shopping.

Surprisingly loving: Crafts! Rebecca, we’ve been doing such fun activities, and I’m enjoying crafts.

Doing more of: Baking! I’ve always loved it, but the extra time is opening up to more baking opportunities.

Loving: More undistracted time with you guys. We are laughing so much, and I’m enjoying parenting that’s a bit more focused and in the moment.

New coping habit: Two hours of “me time” every afternoon, between around 4 and 6. I sleep, read, work, and don’t speak to anyone. It’s really shifted things, and eased a lot of my anxiety.

Grateful for: Duh, easy one. Everything good we have right now – there’s a lot!

Still planning: A big adventure!


Thank you for being such amazing and kind and patient and resilient and understanding lockdown children.


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