It was the best of times, it was the best of times

March 4, 2020

Dear Max and Rebecca

My thighs are still carrying the weight of Shake Shack fries and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and bars, and some traditional New York pizza. My beauty product drawer is filled with amazing new products (I’m looking at you BareMinerals, Glossier and The Inkey List), and the Reese’s peanut butter cups are almost finished.

We had the week of our lives in New York (thanks Andrew for doing well at work and wining this dream trip), which was spent walking, sightseeing, breathing in the thrill of so-named city that doesn’t sleep, shopping, eating and just being constantly entertained and enthralled by this incredible city.

Highlights were:

  • Everything we ate (including more fries, thanks to Shake Shake, in one week than I’ve eaten in about six years)
  • Running in Central Park most mornings I was there, and watching the skating while taking the breather (always a good excuse)
  • Walking! Seriously, the thing I love most about big cities is walking, and learning and discovering through this. “Must-visit” places will always form the basis of any trip, but it’s the walking, without a set agenda for every two hours, that make it for me. The fact that one can do it so safely is liberating and joyous.
  • Shopping! Most of it was done on Amazon, Glossier and Sephora, and I have longings for what’s on offer there. In fact, since coming home, I’ve made three separate beauty orders to have muled home. It’s that bad.
  • Seeing Phantom of the Opera
  • Taking the ferry to Staten Island, and seeing the Statue of Liberty up close’ish
  • Being in New York (have I said that already?)


Lowlights were:

  • Nothing
  • Not even the weather
  • Nor the crowds in Times Square
  • Nor the 45 minute wait the first time I went to Glossier
  • Nor the half hour wait for a table at Katz’s Deli


I miss my time there so much. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love being with you two, or being at home, but it’s a wonderful thing to be in an exciting place with freedom and safety to move, and something stunning/interesting/entertaining to see on every block.

Where were you both when we were eating fries and taking in all the skyscrapers? With Granny Denise and Grandpa Roy. Word has it that you were both wonderful, content and kind while we were gone. We missed you so much, but it was quite glorious not to share my chips with ANYONE, as I’m sure it was nice for you not to be nagged to pick up your clothes (I need to emphasise how much you were missed!)

I hope to be back sooner than later, and I’m going to enter the New York Marathon lottery next year, and hope they pick me from the bajillion hopefuls, to be one of the 52 000 plus people at the start line. I did it in 2010, and that day was one of the best days of my life.

Happy to be back with you,

Looking forward to future travel adventures together,



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  • Denise

    Felt like I was there with you experiencing the magic of New York. Gorgeous descriptions and photos.

    March 4, 2020 at 3:05 pm Reply
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