How I kicked off the new year

January 6, 2020

Dear Max and Rebecca

Right now I’m in breezy Amsterdam, and it’s difficult to picture that a week ago I was in St Francis with you, swimming and enjoying sunset G&Ts, and huffing and puffing on my hot runs.

Once again, we had a brilliant holiday in St Francis, and each day is always a happy and relaxed one. As always, I ran a bit, swam a bit and read a lot, and I love the family time. Maxie (as Rebecca calls you, and which we now call you), you were an incredible big brother, and spent much time with Rebecca throwing and hitting balls to her, guiding her on the jungle gym, and pushing her on the swing. You hardly feel like a child any more – you’re mature and self sufficient, and you make my role as a parent so much easier.

I miss you so much, and I’m a bit homesick, especially when we get sent pics of you. Max, it’s been so cool to Whatsapp you every day, sharing pictures and stories of Amsterdam that you’ll one day enjoy too (the Tesla charging! The bikes! The freshly made stroopwaffel! The winter Starbucks menu! The canals! The cinnamon Coke!).

While I’m not exactly bullet journalling, mapping out new year’s resolutions, or coming up with a word for the year (I’d likely forget the word after a week), I’m feeling excited for the year, with its upcoming big steps, or rather leaps.

Around new year’s day in Amsterdam, fireworks go off constantly, and yet I was asleep by around 9pm on new year’s eve, tired from the excitement, the travel, and all the walking and thrills of Paris the day before.

It was by no means a letdown to miss welcoming in the new year at the exact time it turned. Rather, I woke up the next morning refreshed, content and ready to go for a jog, but only at around 9am when it was vaguely light, wearing about four layers to tackle the 1 degree foggy weather. It was a glorious run – liberating, fresh and fearless, with stops along the way to take some pics (I’m excited to run with my besties again – I’m such a lazy and distracted runner when I’m solo).

This city is just wonderful – the people are friendly, the public transport is superb (and I don’t feel like taking a shower after using it, like in cities like Paris and New York), the canals, buildings and and streets are beautiful, and everything seems to just work well. It’s a close second to “my” Paris… Paris will always have French, which perhaps is the clincher.

I’ve developed another layer of adipose owing to the waffles and pastries I’ve eaten, and all the steps I’ve taken only seem to make me hungrier for more.

I can’t wait to see you again! Wishing you both a year of much growth, smiles, health, happiness and learnings.


PS: I’m a bit obsessed with taking pics of bikes


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