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November 13, 2019

Dear Max and Rebecca

The good news is that I’ve been spending quality time with you, and have had sufficient work, which has kept me away from this blog. The badd’ish news is that I’m not writing much about personal stuff, I’m missing out on writing to you dudes, and trying to make more sense of things by writing (there’ll be more of this coming up).

Since I last wrote, things have been pretty good. The work energy is there and my days are full, we’re healthy, I’m feeling good emotionally, and you guys are thriving (beyond Fortnite wins and Play-Doh creations).

Last week I run among the wild horses (though I didn’t actually see any wild horses) in Kaapsehoop, and managed, despite a sore second half, to qualify for Comrades next year. I’m determined to do all the right things to see the finish line again. It will need to be a mix of losing some weight, training (duh), and just trying to run through the hard bits. My running group continues to bring smiles every early morning, and our community and camaraderie get stronger with each run.

A few weeks ago while running with the group, a car almost hit us (and when I say almost, I mean a few centimetres of almost). He didn’t stop at a stop street, and he just carried on going after almost hitting us. I sprinted after him, and I was able to reach him because he was parking at a shopping centre. I was furious and the adrenaline was high, and asked him what on earth he was doing, and if he saw us. He was apathetic and non apologetic, until I asked him to apologise, which felt like it was too little, too late. He had zero shits to give, which was probably the worst part of it all. I left him unsatisfied and angry.

I don’t generally walk around with anger, but I did for a few days. It was pointless, of course. And eventually I dropped it because it was not serving me at all, and I was powerless to change what happened, or change this fool’s behaviour.

Though it’s almost the end of the year, I’m still feeling energised and not exhausted, though don’t get me wrong, a G&T while sitting on the canals and catching up on all my reading are not far thoughts from my mind. One thing is for sure for me – I’ll be closing off the year knowing I did well, and that I mostly made good decisions.

I hope to be writing more soon – there’s a lot on my mind and on our agenda for the next few months, and I don’t want you to miss it.




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