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September 22, 2019

Dear Max

Happy 10th birthday big little one! I started writing birthday blog posts to you eight years ago and it’s a tradition I love. But it’s hard to always find new words in posts like these, but nevertheless, let me start by saying happy birthday!

You are double digits now, which I know feels more grown up and more significant – it’s at double digits that you’ll PG have a barmitzvah, learn to drive, drink that whisky on the rocks legally, and go to university perhaps.

While you celebrate a new year, I celebrate another year of being your mom, and one of learning, teaching and having fun. As grown up as you’re becoming, you remain my “little boy” – vulnerable, loving, sweet and honest. While I can’t carry you any more, unless it’s a piggy back ride, I’m always carrying you with me, and the times we’ve been separated when you’ve been overseas and then I’ve been overseas this year have felt a little empty – your jokes, heart, smarts and help are always missed.

You’re an incredible big brother, you’re resilient, you’re patient, and you’re high on empathy and EQ. You’re quick-witted and smart, and I’ve always said that your kindness is everything. Everything.

Happy birthday Max. May you have another year of joy and health, of asking questions, doing things you love, and learning and teaching.

Love you,



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