A year workaversary post

June 12, 2019

Dear Max and Bec

It’s been just over a year since I last drove to my agency, with hands often nervously gripped around the steering wheel.

I have been hustling and working on my business since then, and I got to do things like watch cricket matches, watch Netflix series while working, attend day events, and stay in gym clothes the whole day. I’ve also had to chase and chase and chase for payments, have contracts cut, have to work until 2am to finish work, and angsted that I didn’t have enough work to keep me at my laptop every weekend.

It’s been a ride.

And I’m so glad to be in this driving seat for now.

There have been many lessons, letdowns and lows. There has also been a lot to excite and get me in my happy zone. I guess this mix of experience and sentiment is common to every job, and nothing about my experience is special or different. But I have no regrets, and I’m not sure there’s anything better for me right now, than where I’m at.

So if there’s anything I’ve learnt or have relearnt over the year, this is what it is:

  • Check out ALL the offerings of a workspace and how it feels to work there before committing to working there. I found two duds before I found a gem. I’m not really using the gem anymore, but I’d go back in a flash.
  • If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t carry yourself fairly well, no one is ever going to buy into your shtik.
  • A VPN app like Viscocity is a must when using hotspots
  • Track expenditure, income and mileage week by week. I would freak out if I had months of catch-up to do come tax submission time.
  • Honesty and relationships – not enough can be said about the importance of these
  • It’s okay to give your heart, even if gets broken. I’d rather work this way than work in a hollow or rote way
  • Overcommunicate… this is something I often get wrong
  • There’s nothing wrong with saying “I can’t do this now”, but there’s everything wrong with not hustling to find the next best solution, even if it means you go to sleep at 2am
  • If it feels kak, or too much hard work, or too much admin, then it might be worth keeping space open for something else
  • If someone wants to get famous within a month, then it might be worth galloping away from them swiftly
  • Be very strict with how much time and how many ideas you give people. This is probably my biggest learning – I feel that I’m always more ready to give than to take, and I’ve given away hours of time and ideas
  • This is an obvious one, I know – only outsource to people you trust implicitly and who will do great – workwise, deadline-wise, and honesty-wise. They will either make you look good, or make you look kak.
  • I have never believed in the “My phone is off from 5pm” or “I don’t check emails after 4pm”. Rightly or wrongly, I like being on top of things all the time, and being available IF it’s important. I feel this has given me a step up, even if it means I look at my phone during dinner, or reply to emails while watching Greys Anatomy.

Most of all, I’ve been reminded that like everything in life, things flow, close, open, ebb, cause tears, bring happiness.

Here’s to more wins and lessons.




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