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February 15, 2019

Dear Max and Rebecca

Okay, my year has begun. After weeks of not really feeling like getting back on the hamster wheel, I’m feeling a bit more positive and ready to tackle the year, the traffic, the tantrums (mostly my own), the terrifying, the hustle. I’m feeling a bit more motivated, and like I have a better work energy. There is new work to be chased and decisions to be made, but all will be good (I keep on telling myself).

You guys never struggled to settle this year, and you have both sailed through new teachers, classes, extramurals and more.

My fitness is improving and I ran a sloooooow marathon on the weekend. I had several WTF moments and those introspective “why I am doing this” and “do I have what it takes to run a marathon, let alone an ultra marathon” questions. These thoughts passed, which is par for the course for any race – there are low and high moments – much like life, right?

I have a few kilograms to go before my next weight goal, but I’m feeling a bit better about dem big thighs. I’m learning French again – only conversational while I get up to a better level before my next course, and I’m dreaming big of running Paris Marathon next year.

You’ll probably hear lots of things in your life that sound like ridiculous advice and might evoke responses such as “why should I?”, “I don’t need to”, and “I’ll do it tomorrow”. This advice could be “drink water” and “put on sunscreen”, which are very very important, but don’t ever roll your eyes back or ignore the “floss every day” tip.

I’ve been too lazy to follow this advice, and as a result, I need eleventy and thirteen inlays and crowns because I DID NOT FLOSS, but mainly because I’ve worn out my teeth through grinding.  I’m faced with pain on the credit card, which is way more painful than injections in the gums, gagging through teeth moulds, and the time it will take to fix my teeth. But the thought of elephants who die of hunger when their teeth wear down, fall out and render them unable to eat, make me grateful that I have the option of fixing my teeth, even it means I won’t be able to afford braces for you guys (kidding – I’ll skimp on makeup and Woolies vegan meals instead. Maybe). Oh, and did I mention I had to replace three tyres? Two owing to a pothole one rainy night, and the third was worn out.

That’s about it for now. There’s a blog post brewing in my head about all the things I don’t say and why, which I’ll probably write next time.



Also, have a look at some of my strong running group, on the first of our hill sessions. I am so enjoying the energy that comes from running with these women, and motivating and being motivated. Having this group has been one of the year’s big highlights, and I’m looking forward to more kilometres with them, even when tired and not in the mood initially.

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