Well now that was a brilliant holiday

January 9, 2019

Dear Max and Rebecca

Countless G&Ts (me), ice creams (mostly you), swims (mostly you Max) and water fun, I can report back that this holiday was a stellar one, and I can’t remember having ever been this sad to leave one. I’m by no means dreading going back to the grind, but I would have been content to hang out for longer spending quality time with you before all the deadlines hit.

Here’s what I got up to:

Aside from gin shopping, I read a lot, all non-fiction, which was a great change, and something I plan to do a lot more of. I read about 20 downloaded international magazines from Texture, that were making me panic as they sat there gathering download dust.

I ran most days, and went to the village gym a few times. I was quite consistent with my training programme, and hopefully I have a decent short and slow’ish pace before the big distances start soon. My eating was more or less okay.

I had a handful of afternoon naps which were just luxurious. I did minimal work – just enough to keep me from feeling fidgety, and to keep on top of everything.

Max, it feels like you were more outdoors than in, and there were several nights when I had to stay awake for you to come home after hanging out with your friends in the complex. One night you were in the pool until 10.30pm, and you outlasted me on New Year’s Eve.

You were just as you were on these kinds of holidays – relaxed, confident, helpful, friendly and humorous, and it’s just so easy to holiday with you, as it has been forever, really. One of our most fun times was doing the canals float – you on your unicorn, me in my mermaid tube, you holding the mermaid’s tale, me steering us along when the current wasn’t on our side. It was a brilliant experience, and one I hope to repeat again.

Look at us go…

And look at the others go:


You’re kind to your sister, you help her, and we often chuckle at the things Rebecca gets age appropriately tantrummy.

Speaking of which… Rebecca, your vocab increased together with all your new – and old – experiences. From swimming, riding on a boat, becoming besties with your gran, getting your first black “garage” bike, colouring in and drawing often, putting puzzles together, tending to your growing zoo of stuffed animals, and eating ice creams, this was a holiday in which you found even more words, confidence and a bit of bossiness (as is your right as a toddler).

By now you will probably know that holidays aren’t just about having fun at the time. They’re about learning and growing, and finding out and exploring more about yourself. They’re about family and connecting, building memories, creating more stories. We are so privileged that we got to do this again, and we’re all the richer for it.


Aerial pictures of the float, via Chas Everitt Facebook page

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  • Bronwynne Wiehl

    I’ve never heard or seen the canal float before but wow, it’s hugely popular! So many people and creative lilos! Love that idea and must be so memorable for kids. Pity the holidays go by so damn quickly!

    January 9, 2019 at 12:53 pm Reply
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