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October 18, 2018

Dear Max and Rebecca

We’re halfway through October, and I’m exhaling from last month’s cake, celebrations, travel and work. And as soon as I exhale, I tend to gasp for air as things come up. Not in a bad way, just in a life way. This post isn’t about how busy things are – everyone is busy, whether you’re watching series or working nonstop. On that note, I’d like to be watching more series, but not the expense of other stuff, obvs.

Since starting my own biz in June, it’s been non-stop hustling, gaining, learning. Things are going so great, and while I’m not always getting things right, there are wins, lessons and working until 1ams. But then again, I can go have my nails done (more on that later) and products launches to necessitate this, so really, it’s a fair balance.

It’s mostly all light at the moment, with some doses of dark, which I imagine will be par for the course. When I consider how I felt at the beginning of the year, and my state of heart and head, I realise how happy I am at the moment, and how crappy things were (not in any way environmentally based, or to do with you guys – please know this).

Last month we had a fantastic weekend at Tau Game Lodge at Madikwe, which will get its own post as it was so much fun, and I’d like all the pictures of the elephants and cats as a reminder of what your first private game lodge experience was.

Last month we also celebrated your granny Lorna’s 70th birthday (the same as Rebecca’s birthday). It was such a lovely celebration, but one that was hard for me, and had me eating all the cake to feed some grief. I miss my mom so much – she’s there, but in many ways not. She loved her day, and is doing pretty well all things considered, but I think that while birthdays bring out the happiness, they tend to make me think and feel too.

Another topic that will soon get its own post is that of health and fitness. I’m seeing a diet “coach”, and I’ve just signed up with a running coach. I hate that my fitness and any form of discipline have slipped, though the thought of getting out and about in the mornings is a pretty bleak one too. I used to be obsessive with food and exercise, probably not in the healthiest way, and in those days I didn’t have a lot going on that kept me from charting runs, reading every fitness article I could find, and exercising up to 10 times a week.

While I’m not on the opposite spectrum of that state, I’m not in a place that I’m comfortable with or proud of, and instead of lamenting my non-fitness, I’m taking a step to change it. It will have to mean way less late nights working, and things will need to shift a bit, or I’ll need to say no to some things. But, ready I am.

Regarding my earlier point of having weekly manicures, I could not have imagined that such a small action could result in so much happiness. I previously used to go for a mani and pedi once a month at Polish, who I’ve been a partner of for many years. I used to try paint my own, resulting in a mess, and I used to try to hide my hands as I didn’t want to show my chipped or neglected polish.

And while this sounds like the most trite thing in the world. deciding to go for weekly manis (which I pay for) is therapeutic and so confidence-boosting. It’s one of those things that I can control well. I might not be able to slim down quickly, or clear my acne swiftly, but with a mani, I can instantly feel good and have great hands on show (I’m actually admiring my mani as I type this!). Also, I drink good coffee and chat to some interesting woman around me. Or else I zone out and read a book (okay okay, I scroll through Facebook too. A lot!)

You guys are doing great. Rebecca, you’ve just started swimming lessons, and your teacher used to teach your uncle a whole 21 years ago, which we discovered at our first lesson. Max, you’re ecstatic that cricket season has started.

Chat soon kidlets,

I love you,





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  • MrsFF

    What wrong with gran Lorna? Can’t wait to read all about how it is going with the running coach! Sometimes I think I need that so I can move from crawling to at least proper jogging

    October 18, 2018 at 2:39 pm Reply
  • Bronwynne

    A running coach? (You must know that runners spot this part immediately! LOL) Anyone I know? That’s awesome! In terms of “coaching” you forgot to add how much you’ve been helping me find my way and all the (free) advise you’ve given me! Can’t thank you enough!

    October 20, 2018 at 6:45 am Reply
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