2018 Q1 roundup

May 14, 2018

Dear Max and Rebecca

Before I even start writing, here’s a pic that I MUST include…how cute do we all look here?

Photo by Robyn Davie

We had a great time on our last shoot, though one of us was a little grumpy (no names mentioned) and only wanted to be in her mom’s arms, and would only get down from said arms when her brother entertained her. In the end though, we got some sensational shots.

When trying to think of what to write for an overdue post here, I thought “Hey, we’re in May, so let’s just summarise the first quarter because that’s fairly easy to write about”.

So here I am, summing up Q1:

  • Max, you discovered this blog via a Google search. You’ve known for a while that I’ve been writing lessons to you. I suggested you wait until you’re a little older to understand the content and tone, which was cool with you.
  • Rebecca, your vocab is increasing so much and it’s truly wonderful communicating with you and understanding you better as a result (one day, please ask us what your first word ever was. Fortunately, you don’t say it anymore)
  • I lost weight, and then I put some back on. I got fit, and then I lost it. This is a work in progress yet again, and it depends largely on whether I’m ready to ditch the Jelly Tots habit, and replace the ample bread and rolls with something a bit healthier
  • I went through some lows last year, which is par for the course for most people, I guess. The lows are flattening out, and I’m in a better space
  • As you’ll know from the last post, I finished Two Oceans Marathon this year with 10 seconds to spare. I still get quite emotional thinking about it
  • Max, you’re going for cricket coaching and you’re loving it, and doing great at it. You’re now hitting this game for a six (allow me some idioms here, kids)
  • I recently confronted a demon. Like not metaphorically, but literally. I bumped into a not-so-nice person from back when I worked in publishing, and told her that she had done me a big favour when she tried to hurt me. What happened is a long’ish story, and not worth writing about, but the main thing is that I took the opportunity to say a thank you, and to complete the circle of the tale.
  • I was reminded how when one’s energy and confidence are a bit flat, the universe will likely respond flatly. When the energy lifts, so too will engagements and opportunities around you
  • From April, once the running mojo ceased, I exchanged spending time at races with spending time at Starbucks doing work, blogging or learning some French
  • A few things broke around me, causing some expenses I would rather not have had: damaged cellphone, a slightly bashed-up car door after misjudging the distance between my vehicle and the gate (I could swear the gate jumped out at me!), a burst geyser, and my car’s water pump that needed replacing. It’s just stuff, I know this, and I have full perspective of what things are in relation to our health etc
  • The two of you continued to be “easy” and easygoing, and you’re probably the simplest part of my life. I mean, there’s time and responsibility that go into parenting you, but you both just get on with things, and proceed pretty easily. I am grateful every day for the two of you, and the fact that you build a smooth path of parenting for me.
  • Andrew’s officially converted to Judaism in February, and I can’t imagine this will ever not be a life highlight for me. I still get emotional thinking about it (you can see that between this, my Two Oceans race and small things like dropping you at school or a concert or a party, I have to have plenty of tissues on hand for all the good emotions)

And before I go, I couldn’t resist another gem…


Feature image: Shutterstock

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  • Bronwynne Wiehl

    So many great highlights! Even the low lights are highlights when you come through learning something about yourself. Love seeing all the photos! Can’t believe how quickly these two are growing up! And wow Andrew, that’s just amazing!

    May 20, 2018 at 5:05 pm Reply
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