Why new year’s resolutions aren’t on my to-do list

January 3, 2018

Dear Max and Rebecca

It’s that time of the year – gym parking lots are fuller, blog posts are written detailing people’s plans and resolutions for 2018, magazine coverlines read “New year, new you”, Facebook posts include images of “clean eating” and gym and Park Run check-ins, and savings plans are put in place. It’s also a common time for people to dedicate a word to the new year that they will subscribe to or live by – for example Determination, Courage, Strength, Letting Go, Perseverance, Direction (you get the point).

As for me, I’m buying stationery for my new job, wondering what I’ll weigh when I’m back from holiday, and waiting for a note from the school about when I need to collect the stationery packs. No lists have been written, and no words have been declared.

I love making plans and working to improve myself, but I know that the best-laid January plans are usually broken or forgotten by February. Yes, I want to lose weight, stretch more, do more cross training, train to run faster, spend more undistracted time with family, do well at work, buy less makeup and read more non-fiction. But you won’t find me setting these goals in January and breaking them a month later.

Rather, I like to keep striving to doing things better all-year round. Last year in October I started running races again after so long. I started an eating plan in October, something that I couldn’t put into practice at the beginning of year. Quality non-fiction reading? That only started about two weeks ago.

As for learning the piano again, cooking more, and studying French? Good thing I never set out to do these on January 1 2017 as I would have been so disappointed not to have fulfilled these. Rather, I’d like to do them some time, and I’ll get round to them when I want to the most, and when I want to give up time elsewhere to pursue more of it.

Here’s to my continued and all-year “resolutions” and betterment, without the overpromising, and disappointing non-delivery.



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