What I’ve been up to the last few weeks, plus why I’ve been a bit (lot?) of a dragon mom

December 7, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’m probably not alone in counting down sleeps until the holiday, and I’m looking forward to that deep exhale as I grab my first ice-cold G&T of the vacay, before mostly putting away this laptop in favour of books and Kindle. And in case you think I’m favouring literature over love, I’m downing tools to spend decent quality time with you guys.

These last few weeks/months have been challenging and have come with lessons, and the thing I’m least proud of is I’ve given the rough parts more airtime than they’ve deserved, and as a result it’s snatched away the better moments. It’s a bit like this: you get a great box of chocolates, and most of the selection is amazing, aside from the marzipan one (my worst) and the cherry liqueur one (my second worst). Instead of loving and appreciating all the great things in the box, all you can think of is the marzipan and cherry liqueur, and they basically hijack the toffees, caramels, fudge and pralines.

I’m sorry about this. It’s something I need to work on, lest the fricking marzipan become the hero of my story.

As for the rest of my story, things are good. I’ve started running a bit more and last week I did a 32km, undertrained and overenthusiastic. It’s hard but it’s incredible to be back after around 2.5 years of longer-distance running. If I want to get marathon fit, I probably need to run consistently during the week, and find a group of new besties to join.

Max, you are finished with grade two, your report was brilliant, and you’re also counting down the days until Nerf wars on holiday. Rebecca, we brought in the big guns a few days ago to help guide us with your sleep, or, lack of sleep. We have gotten some good advice, and in brief, the aim is to get you eating a bit more protein during the day so that you’re fuller at night and wake up less during the night, or sleep through. Instead of leaving you to do your own thing at night until you show signs of fatigue, usually after eight or nine, we are to put you to sleep around 7.30pm, depending. Let’s see how it goes – I’m hopeful.

A few weeks ago, we had some beautiful pics taken by Chloe of Kiss Kiss Photography. Some of the pics I’ve inserted below.

I’m sorry I’ve been curt over the last few weeks, with my head in the laptop so often, and more lost in thought and work than what was fair to you.

I love you so much guys. You’re the caramel to my chocolate, always.


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