Timehop: the app that has me looking back, and forward

November 16, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

There’s an app called Timehop that brings up social media postings from the same day in the past. It’s an app the stirs a lot in me. There are the cringe moments: “eeeuw, why did I wear that?” and “Why did I think it was even funny to write that?”.

There are moments of familiarity when you see how you post similar things over the years. There are moments of wonder where you think: “Ah, look how cute he was as a baby, and see how awesome and grown up he is now”.

There are moments that remind you of the mistakes you made, whether in relationships or work, and there are posts that come up that remind you that those “mistakes” resulted in learnings, growth and propelling into better spaces and places.

But often the hardest part of Timehop is seeing the good – whether it was a brilliant holiday, looking great in those jeans that no longer fit, finishing a race that you haven’t been able to finish in the last few years, or being in a space where you weren’t this anxious, angry or sad.

Sometimes watching the good of the past hurts me incredibly. I yearn for the good, and get so caught up in remembering, that I often forget that I’m recreating amazing experiences and memories that will likely make me smile on Timehop in a year’s time.

My challenge? To look at Timehop and the great things differently. We’ll never be able to relive things in the exact same way. But there will likely be other good things and lessons, and fantastic memories to be made.






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