It’s exhale time…

October 11, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’ve been trying to catch my breath for the last few weeks after all the birthday celebrations, a trip to Cape Town, juggling a new’ish job and night blogging, Jewish holidays, and just finding good time to write here. To exhale.

One of the hardest times last month was when Max got sick the night before his party. You slept very intermittently, suffering from a bad headache. At around 5am after not much good sleep and the non-success of pain syrup, we headed to casualty, me fearful of something serious. The doctor diagnosed a migraine, gave you meds, and we headed home to sleep before your Bounce party.

I’m not great when one of you is sick or in pain. I kinda take it on, I get worried, and it throws me off, and I feel helpless that I can’t take it away right now. Fortunately you guys are out of the wars and doctors’ rooms, and obviously for this I’m grateful every day.

On the upside, we celebrated your birthdays, grandpa’s birthday in Cape Town, and the Jewish new year. We ate lots of cake (I’m now on a new eating plan as a result), I started running a little bit more (just a little bit, and not enough to counteract the cake effects).

I have yearnings of going to Paris (this isn’t a new thing), going to a game reserve, or just checking into a hotel for night of “silence” where I can catch up on the 10 magazines on my iPad, finish my book, switch off social media, and not speak to a person. I’m looking for more exhale moments, and I’m struggling to find them at times between work, night work, and parenting. This is not a complaint, but rather it’s life, and I’m not the first person to be blogging about battling to find space and time.

Last weekend, I had a big life “time out”. I didn’t work (until Sunday night), and I had no chores. I had a mani-pedi at Polish (a form of therapy), went out for meals, and we went to Blackhorse Brewery, out of Joburg. I finished my book, I watched series, and the week was all all quiet and quality. time with my little family. Even the poodle got a bit more TLC.

I need to find more recharge time, to try do one thing at a time, and the plan is to take do more exciting weekend things outside of Joburg. I also need to eat less cake, but that’s for another post.

Thanks for being the constant and the stable in the winds of busy’ness. You guys are my best.


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  • Bronwynne

    Snap! Finding time or rather making time for everything is becoming so hard! I’m reading your blog at Lancet waiting for blood tests to check for adrenal fatigue. Crazy and I’m not alone. That trip to a game reserve sounds amazing! Nice to see you out there running – still one of the best stress relievers (after cake!)

    October 12, 2017 at 8:13 am Reply
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