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September 6, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I wrote recently that I’ve become a vegetarian (I promise I’m a non-sanctimonious vegetarian, and it’s neither part of my bio nor what defines me, nor am I ranting on my blogs about why eating meat is bad).

I know vegetarianism needn’t always be coupled with using cruelty-free products, but lately, it’s been bothering me that I still use products tested on animals. I used to see it a “necessary evil” for all the beautiful products, but now, it’s just making me feel guilty and uncomfortable.

I have started unfollowing people on Facebook who totally within their right post pictures of animals being tested. If I come across anything about animal testing or petitions to stop it, I immediately shut it. It’s making me more and more uneasy, and I’m asking myself a lot of questions:

  • Am I ready to give up MAC? (it is probably my favourite brand ever, aside from the testing on animals)
  • If a product is “only” tested in China, as is the case of MAC, does this still make a no-go for me? (I think it might, since the brand is choosing to sell in China, and thus accept testing there)
  • If I receive a product that’s been tested, should I keep it, use it, or even feature it (surely writing about it is giving it publicity, and therefore supporting it?). And if I’m invited to an event for a brand that tests, should I go and give coverage?
  • If I’ve already bought a product, and then only decide to use cruelty-free products, will I still feel comfortable using the existing products?
  • Am I comfortable enough to turn down sponsorship if it’s for a tested product? (I have bills to pay, but at the same time I know there are animals in cages)
  • Will me not using tested products help the animals? Is this even important? I mean, I became a vegetarian not to save the world, but because I was uncomfortable with eating meat
  • Is it okay to pick and choose, ie use MAC or perfume, but nothing else? Does this make me a hypocrite, and will I even feel comfortable doing it this way?

I’ll figure it out, and do what makes sense for me, and makes me feel okay.



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