On your first birthday

September 15, 2017

Dear Rebecca

It’s a funny and conflicting thing about children’s birthdays – you want your kids to grow, develop and keep progressing, but at the same time you want to freeze moments. You’re happy to celebrate, but you’re nostalgic and sentimental for the exceptional and precious days that you won’t get back. They will likely be replaced by other wonderful days, but you’ll always long for the early days, or the moments that you didn’t realise were so special until they flew past.

That’s where I find myself – in a state of happiness that we get to celebrate your first year and you are an absolute delight, but also longing for that first year (where on earth did it actually go?) and all those exquisite birth, newborn and baby moments that I so loved.

But we have the now you and the now moments, and don’t get me wrong, they are the absolute best. You are sweet, curious, calm and content, and I’ve always gotten this sense that you just know how the world works, and you get “all of this”. I never expected that my second take at parenting would be such a mostly smooth journey, all owing to you, I guess.

Rebecca, just like your brother, you have healed so many losses in my life, and there is never a day that I am not grateful that you chose us, and that you are who you are.

Thank you for being the absolute light in our lives this past year, and for adding so much to our family. You are so loved. May you continue to have more years of growth, health and happiness, and may you learn everything you are meant to.

Happy birthday,


Allow me to indulge in you from the last 12 months…

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