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August 8, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to put the proverbial pen to paper here. I’m not going to blame busy’ness, but rather not having a whole lot to say, while having everything to say, and not knowing what to write, or what to omit. Yeah, even I’m confused by this.

So here’s what’s been up:

  • Rebecca, you have learnt to crawl. It’s more a shuffle/propel using your arms, butt and one foot, rather than your knees. You also got four more teeth at the top, and you didn’t really have any symptoms – they just kinda cropped up without “warning”. You can sort of stand while holding onto things, you love all the food we feed you, especially snacks such as rolls, kitke and bread and wors biltong. You recently tried Granny Smith apples, which you love.
  • We had a “staycation” a few weeks ago at Emperors Palace Metcourt Hotel. It was so great to chill out and live a great hotel life, if only for a night.
  • We said goodbye to our cat Annydots. She was about 15 years old, and just showed signs of sickness suddenly. She was the third cat I’ve had who lived until 15 and over, and who we had to put down because of kidney failure. I feel empty without her, and I still keep expecting to see her lying on the bed catching the sun, or pawing my chest for affection.
  • Rebecca, we had a Hebrew baby-naming ceremony for you at shul. It was such a special celebration, and grandpa came from CT, and granny and grandpa came from PE. Beautiful blessings were said, and incredible cake eaten – is a celebration ever one without cake?
  • I started a new job in PR, and it’s challenging, scary, exciting, stimulating and fun, and it’s pushing me to learn, grow and get better. Before taking the job, I had the option between this one and another that seemed like the safer, less tough option, and while sometimes it’s good to go for easy, it doesn’t always provide growth or learning, and after being for so long without those, it was time.
  • I’m unfit, barely exercising, and my confidence in the gym and on the road has plummeted. I decided though that the only way out is through, and so I went back to gym after a year, with my personal trainer. Four days after my first session, I was still sore and stiff, but that small-big leap back into gym was an important one and worth the pain and embarrassment of walking chunkily into gym after so long.

Next month it’s your birthdays and we’re celebrating one and eight – i can’t wait. The cakes have obviously been ordered…



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