Two teeth, vegetarianism and the winter robe

June 29, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

Winter is not the season that I generally thrive in, or feel at my best, but so far, it’s passing okay and I’m not as grumpy as usual, even in my semi-hibernation phase (which surprisingly sees me out once or twice a week).

Last year, for the first time, I bought a winter robe, and while I feel about 45 years older, and way lazier (I sometimes associate gowns with laziness, or staying in bed the whole day), I’m a much happier winter person in it, so it stays.

A lot of nothing new has been going on in our lives, and it’s not a terrible thing. It’s not to say we’re stagnating or idling, but rather, things are at a consistent good.

There have been some happenings on the go, which include the following:

  • A few weeks ago you (Rebecca) and I went to Cape Town for your aunty Maya’s batmitzvah. We had an incredible celebration and time. Lest you (Max) think I denied you a trip to Cape Town, you chose not to come because it would mean long hours doing things that you weren’t so keen on doing (ceremonies, late nights etc). On the topic of late nights, I’m not sure how Rebecca merrily and willingly stayed awake at the Friday and Saturday night celebrations until after 11.30am, which an ounce of grumpiness or keenness to sleep.
  • On that trip, while shoving my finger in Rebecca’s mouth, as moms do, I felt the first tooth. It came without any warning signs (ie tears, discomfort, grumpiness), and the second one popped up this week, and as gracefully as the first one. May this teething process be as peachy as Max’s was.
  • I have become a vegetarian again, the last episode being for about six years from high school. I literally went cold turkey (pardon the expression, from this vegetarian) as the thought of eating meat became a bit gross, and my stomach turns when I give meat a further thought beyond what’s on my plate. For now, it’s working for me, and adding to my wellbeing. It might not be a forever thing, but it’s a happy change for now.
  • Max, you got another fantastic report, though we really do need to chat about the “4” (7 being the highest on the grading scale) you got for your handwriting style. Kidding!!!! There are some things that worry me in a report if you’re not doing well at this stage (eg English, Maths, computers, life skills), while others probably don’t require intervention (like your handwriting neatness). You continue to do so well, and you make the parenting of you so easy.
  • Your play phases at the moment include playing with the fidget spinner (Max) and emptying out the lipsticks and glosses from their box, and banging them around (Rebecca). The latter might not sound like much fun to the readers, but if you had to see my collection, you might see the appeal (there are lots of colours and varieties in there).
  • A new job opportunity (can’t elaborate right now)

To more growth, toasty winter nights in my gown alongside you guys (it’s actually so big it could house both of you in it), and cups of Nomu skinny hot chocolate (my all-time best guilt-free treat)…


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  • Emy Clarke

    Jae got a 4 for handwriting last term, and I decided not to worry too much about it. This term its 6!

    June 29, 2017 at 8:58 am Reply
  • Tanya Kovarsky

    Sorry for the late reply 🙂 Yay re the six!

    August 6, 2017 at 2:32 pm Reply
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