I could write about so much, but let me rather write about cake

April 7, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I could write about how crummy politics seem in SA. I could write about the huge earth tremor we felt this week, which had our shelves shaking. I could write about going to back to work fulltime, and how wonderful it is, yet how much I miss you guys during the days and late afternoons. I could write about our upcoming trip to St Francis, and how excited I am.

I could also write about how on one hand I’m missing Two Oceans and even Paris Marathon since they’re around this time, but on another how much I don’t really care that I don’t get to run much.

I could also write about how a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with asthma, and how I’m taking daily sprays to keep it under control. I think after having Rebecca, it got worse and I needed to start treating it. Apparently it’s quite common to get it in adulthood, and even after having a baby. (Sidenote: Rebecca, I can’t blame your dad if you get asthma one day, as it would be my contributing genes too).

Instead though, I think I’ll write about the lovely party we went to last weekend to celebrate the first birthday of Rebecca’s bestie, Aria. Becs, this was your first party, and a good one at that, even though you probably had no clue where you were or why you were there. You just hung out on one of the blankets, chewing on Sophie the Giraffe, while all around you we spoke, ate, ate some more, and celebrated.

Thanks to Aria’s mom Sarah for these pics… and for sending home a plate full of cake and treats for Max (I managed to not touch said treats until they were safely with the intended recipient.


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  • Heather Step

    Cutest pics! Wow back at work… big change… and sorry about the asthma…

    April 17, 2017 at 9:46 pm Reply
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