The parenting questions I often get asked these days… answered

February 23, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’m getting asked parenting-related questions these days, whose answers go a way in describing our days now, and how things are going, so I thought I’d pen them here…

Here is some of what I commonly get asked by people:

What is Rebecca like? How are you managing?

As far as new babies go, Rebecca is really easy. She’s very chilled, and seems to fits in well with whatever is happening in her life – whether it’s going out, or being fed. She has a great nature, and feels like quite an “old soul”. Lately, she needs more attention, and doesn’t like to be left without someone near her.

I’m coping great – it helps to have such an easy baby. We have a great nanny at home. I think we’ve adjusted quickly and well, and have managed to take care of ourselves fairly well during this time (note: without this, I’m not a great parent or person).

Is Rebecca sleeping through?

Sadly not. She “only” wakes up about once, around 2.30am, for a quick feed.

How is Max adjusting?

Max loves his baby sister, and likes trying to make her smile. He also talks a lot about the things they will do when Rebecca is older, and this week he told me what he would do if anyone tried to hurt her. I also got a lecture about not raising my voice at her after getting a bit irritated that she wouldn’t sleep and was very niggly. I couldn’t figure her out, and in a louder-than-usual voice exclaimed “Rebecca, what’s wrong?”. Max got upset, and told me off.

The seven-year age gap makes things easier in the sense that their needs are very different, and I’m not looking after two “babies”. Max also helps with things along the way – whether it’s watching Rebecca in the bath while I go grab a towel, to fetching a toy for Rebecca. I feel like he’s a great little helper, even if and when I’m juggling the parenting tasks.

Is she still breastfeeding?

Yes she is.

What is she fed when you go out?

Expressed milk – I spend up to two hours expressing a day and we can no longer freeze more food in the freezer owing to all the frozen milk and baby purees. (PS: Max, if you’re really reading this, please note that your ice cream always has a place in the freezer. I would never ever ever mess with this).

Are you exercising much?

Not as much I’d like, but I’m trying to run three times a week, and go to gym once. I’d like to be fitter, leaner and meaner, but I’m grateful that I’m able to run 21kms.

What is Andrew like as a dad?

He’s not great.

Just kidding! He’s wonderful. He’s hands on and caring, and you will never catch me thanking him for “babysitting” – he’s a 50-50 parenting partner. I’m definitely the sillier parent and I sing (badly, at that) a lot more, but he brings more calm and order than I do.

Will you have any more kids?

I feel so complete, I’m not sure I need/want more kids. I also feel that I’m at capacity – I want to give my kids the best of me, and the best of my financial and other resources, and two is enough for that. Any more, any I feel they won’t get the best of education, my time etc.

(This is always quite a personal question, yet I’m not surprised people ask it).

Any more questions that I can answer here?


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  • Sam

    You make having two kids look so easy. I really battled that first year of having two, the adjustment of it all really knocked me for a 6.


    February 23, 2017 at 1:09 pm Reply
  • Heather Step

    I think the age gap makes it easier but you look like you’re doing well!
    (People will always ask about more kids, not much you can do about that…)

    February 25, 2017 at 8:36 pm Reply
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