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January 3, 2017

Dear Max and Rebecca

I’m writing this on holiday, in my new tribal Havaianas, half watching the cricket. Max, you’re on the iPad, playing SIMS, and Rebecca, you’re in your camp cot, having your mid morning nap.

This holiday has been what great family holidays should be – relaxing, indulgent and fun, and it’s been a time of good conversations, G&Ts and food, and quality time with the two of you when I’m not pulled by chores, work or day-to-day distractions.

I was so excited to get here that I changed our flights for two days earlier. I don’t think many people look forward to heading to their in-laws for holidays, let alone two days earlier, but we practically counted down the hours and fled to our earlier flight.

I was a little nervous about flying with the first time with a baby, and coordinating things, but Max, you were so sweet and helpful and gave me a literal hand, and so much support when you could, whether it was carrying a bag, playing with Rebecca, or just being independent while I was trying to give 100% to your sister’s needs.

I saw so much good in people – from the airport staff who manouevred the pram down the escalator, to the traveller who helped me back up with it, to the woman who held Rebecca while I folded the pram, a two-hand job. There was an elderly couple who helped me at PE airport – they insisted on carrying the carseat, watching the pram while I went to retrieve the luggage, and pushing the pram to the arrivals gate.

This kindness was a prelude to more of the kindness we have had this holiday, whether with the fantastic Christmas/Chanukah gifts, and the big hearts of our family.

I’ve been “busy” relaxing, and my days have been filled with reading, morning jogs, evening G&Ts, eating (unfortunately, it’s been more on the excessive side) and mom-type activities such as feeding, playing and trying to garner as many smiles as possible from you two.

Max, you have enjoyed playing with your Nerf gun, building LEGO, swimming, hanging out with friends, and going on boat rides. Your highlights have included learning how to paddle in the canals, dancing to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, eating giant Woolworths marshmallows, trying to capture ghosts wearing your new Ghostbusters suit.

Rebecca, you have travelled and settled so easily. You have enjoyed people making faces at you and crazy noises, sitting in your seat with your mobile, and going on walks. You have been passed from one set of arms to the next, and your beautiful smile and calm spirit have shone so brightly.

You have discovered your hands and love waving them around, looking at them, and clasping them together. You love standing while supported, and you can hold your head up while on your tummy, and even lift your head when on your back. I suspect you have a stronger core than me at this point.

Thanks for a brilliant holiday together. There was not a moment that I didn’t love with you two.


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  • SheenaK

    Oh Tanya, they’re just such beautiful children. You and Andrew and Max’s dad are doing such a great job and it’s such a pleasure and honour to watch them grow up like this x

    January 3, 2017 at 2:51 pm Reply
    • Tanya Kovarsky

      Aaah, thank you always for the wonderful words

      January 11, 2017 at 1:23 pm Reply

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