“She has such long legs” and other things they say

December 8, 2016

Dear Rebecca

I haven’t written much about your sweet and relaxed nature, and it’s worth chatting about because it’s making my early parenting days as easy as I think they come, and so enjoyable. You are much like your brother was – calm, content, non-fussed and strong.

You are 12 weeks and it feels like much longer – I can’t with good clarity remember the days when you weren’t filling our lives with so much happiness. You are smiling more, looking around with much wonder, getting stronger (your head is barely wobbly) and growing. You watch things almost knowingly, and you have a serene and calm nature.

I am loving feeding you, watching you, soaking in your smiles, and observing your growth.

We are doing things quire differently to how I did them with Max – there’s no routine, there’s discreet feeding in public (I was way too shy and self conscious to do this with Max) and there’s more an embracing of the now, rather than looking back and thinking for ahead.

Here’s more about your currently – I’ll update this every month or so.

Favourite food: Easy one – milk!

Favourite activity, aside from sleeping and eating: Sitting in the Fisher-Price toy and watching the mobile

Least favourite activity: Getting out the bath

What makes you laugh/smile the most: People smiling at you, and your mom’s silly noises

What your mom dresses you up in the most: Onesies, and assorted bows

What you’re surprisingly indifferent to: Henri the French poodle licking your head

Other things that don’t faze you: Noise, moving between the carseat and pram, being transferred from person to person

What people say about you: “She’s so calm”. “She’s so content”. “She’s got long legs”. “She’s so chilled”. “She’s an old soul”. “She has beautiful blue eyes”.


What I can say about you: You’re simply wonderful and the most gorgeous baby daughter. I’m in wonder that something so small could fill my life so enormously. Thanks for being in our lives. And thanks for letting me dress you in the bows.



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  • catjuggles

    Beautiful girl! I love all the joy. Funny people also remarked on A’s long legs as a baby – she still has loooong legs today

    December 8, 2016 at 9:27 am Reply
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