A school prizegiving that launched the tears (once again!)

November 30, 2016

Dear Max

It was your prizegiving this week, and I was surrounded by equally proud moms taking pics and videos, with leaking eyes, and happily posting their amazing pics on Facebook later.

I thought after last year’s ugly cry at your graduation ceremony at the end of grade R that my pride had peaked, but I was wrong, and I figure this parenting stint is one long road of proud and tearful moments.

At prizegiving this week, every child in grade one got an award, which is a great acknowledgement that everyone has something “prize-worthy” about them, which deserves to be recognised from a podium. Your peers were awarded for things such as maths excellence, general knowledge, manners, improvement, attitude, taking part in team sports and consistency. It was a special event, and an affirmation of how much we have in you, how fortunate we are that you’re on such a steady track (even in grade one), and how privileged we are to be your parents.

Please remember though that even if the prizes taper off, your value lies beyond all this, which I know is hard to do when¬†certificates, medals and trophies are so nice to have. I know it’s easy to tell you that you should measure yourself beyond this, when the reality is that these things often mark us as being extraordinary or special or talented.

You are all of that, always, whether an award says so or not. I’d like to say too that many of those who don’t make it up to shake the principal’s hand go on to shine so brightly, so try not to worry if your name isn’t called out every year. It won’t determine what you do out of school, and I’ll do my best to teach you that your worth is everywhere, not just in a certificate.

Well done for a stellar year, and for embracing your education and school, and for being a son that we are so so proud of.




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