My pregnancy then and now

June 10, 2016

Dear Max

This week I found the journal that I kept when I was pregnant with you. I had forgotten a lot, and it was interesting to see parallels between then and now (eg nausea, cravings, impatience to get things done), and some differences too.

Since I imagine this blog will be one day read by your sister too, I thought I’d chart the similarities and differences between the two, up until around 22 weeks.

Weight gain

You: About 6kg after 21 weeks. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 10kg less with you (and to think I felt so “fat” then).

Her: About 7kg after 21 weeks.


You: Lasted about 24 weeks, but I don’t think it was that debilitating. I remember functioning quite well, and exercising regularly despite the nausea.

Her: About 13 weeks. The nausea was debilitating, and there was seldom a respite from it.


You: During the first trimester, Milo, cheese, salt and vinegar chips, Nik Naks, Coke. Thereafter, oven chips, butternut soup, anything with a cheese sauce, mashed potato, chai latte.

Her: During the first trimester, toasted cheese, bread/rolls with Marmite. No strong cravings after this.


You: Coffee, fresh stuff like salads and apples

Her: Coffee

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.31.37 PM

Overall health

You: Pretty good. I had a cold and cough in the first trimester, and some on and off reflux, but I felt generally wonderful, with no complications.

Her: Also good. I felt like a new person in the second trimester once the nausea had lifted. I had a cold during the first trimester, and cough/cold the second.

Gender hunch

You: Correct

Her: Correct

Pregnancy hormones

You and her: I felt/feel mostly stable, with some outbursts of tears and panic here and there (which sounds like me most of the time)

Feelings during pregnancy

You and her: A mix between fear, caution and elation. At times, especially during the first trimester, I was too cautious and scared to get very excited or attached, and that slowly subsided.

I began to enjoy things and breathe a little deeper after the first trimester, and once the screening tests came back okay. I have loved being pregnant, even with the nausea, and I seem to enjoy it the further I get into it.

Feeling movements has always made me “remember” I’m pregnant, and feel more connected. Much of the time I tend to forget I’m pregnant.


It’s an absolute privilege to be going through – and enjoying – a second pregnancy.


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  • Mrs FF

    Interesting how much similarities there is and how much differences too… And it’s good that you are enjoying the pregnancy despite the nausea.. I found sucking on ice cubes helped (but then I like ice cubes normally )

    June 10, 2016 at 8:25 pm Reply
  • http://www./

    som förra årets Miu Miu höstkampanj med Hailee Steinfeld får den här serien bilder från British Vogue mig att le. Vi lämnar de

    November 3, 2016 at 9:08 pm Reply
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