What always freaks me out? Last-minute packing

May 19, 2016

Dear Max

About once a month, I have a dream (okay, nightmare) where I find myself at the airport, about to go somewhere, with no luggage. In other dreams, I’m going somewhere, and I have about two minutes to pack. These are the dreams that have me waking up in a sweat. The thought of being unprepared when I travel terrifies me.

Which is probably why Andrew will joke with me and ask me a week before we go anywhere if I’ve packed yet. It’s pretty true though –  I’ll pack the core of my stuff around three days before a short/local trip, and around a week before a longer or international trip.

It’s not that it takes me hours to decide what to take; it’s quite a quick process in fact. But there’s something comforting and security-inducing to know that my stuff is ready in a case, and all I need to do is add the extras. And there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than hearing people say: “Oh, I’ll just wake up a bit earlier to pack for my trip before my early flight”. Or “I’ll just throw some things in the case and then we can go on holiday”. How reckless! How on the edge! How terrifying!

Towards the end of last year. around the time of the wedding, the actual event was actually the least of my “stresses”. The real concern was ensuring I packed appropriately for the wedding weekend (including your clothes, plus snacks and games), Paris for a day after, and our seaside holiday a week after that, with all your stuff included.

I *know* these are minor worries in the greater scheme of things, but it’s one of those things that I like getting round to sooner than later. In fact, I remember one work trip a few years ago when my bag was packed and ready before I even had my passport and visa (granted, I only got these two the day before I left).

Okay, gotta go. Packing for our weekend away, and we’re leaving tomorrow. Just kidding – I’ve already packed. I would never leave it this “late”.


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  • SheBee

    You are not alone! I have a travel list on wunderlist that has all the essentials, generals and extras on what to pack. Then I also have a separate check list to double check the travel list, which I use once everything is in the suitcase, before I zip it all up. When Jon and I went to CT for a weekend last month, it took me 2 whole days to pack. It’s very stressful, and even more so now with Aiden. WHAT IF I FORGET THE STERILISER? WHAT IF AIDEN GETS A TEMPERATURE? *packs all the meds frantically*

    May 19, 2016 at 9:57 am Reply
    • Tanya Kovarsky

      Oh yes – baby packing is an entire different ballgame. You need all the gadgets, meds, toileteries and double the clothing than what’s needed for a grownup. I’m mentally packing for a trip in December (hopefully). Is it too early to start buying Christmas/Channukah presents so that I can get ahead?

      May 19, 2016 at 10:00 am Reply

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