Morning, noon and night sickness

April 19, 2016

Dear Max

The other day you asked me why I’m often feeling sick – I sometimes tell you I need to lie down because I’m nauseous, or I can’t do this and that because I don’t feel well. And now you know.

I can’t remember feeling this ill when I was pregnant with you, though I do remember feeling horrible. I guess the body and mind remember to forget how bad it was.

This is by no means a complaint, but boy I’ve felt sick. It was relentless and never ending and I’ve had to drive, sit in meetings, think, smile and plan while my stomach churns, and while all I want to do is stagger into bed and sleep off the fatigue and nausea.

What brought me comfort and relief one day gave me the absolute heebie jeebies the next week. Seed crackers and liquorice were in one day, then out the day. This was followed by crackers, lasagne, salt and vinegar popcorn and Marmite rolls, which were soon replaced with choc-chip yoghurt, mango and pineapple. Eating offered a short respite to the nausea, and then turned on me.

I hated feeling this way, but I was obviously so happy I felt this way. It was a sign of a healthy pregnancy, and I was reminded that I was pregnant, which is remarkable and amazing. It was also the only constant symptom (aside from my now appropriately named bazookas).

Good news is that I’m feeling so much better. The nausea comes in short and infrequent stints, and I can now stretch myself to stay away until 10pm.

As always, I’m immensely grateful and excited.



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