Remembering the days when friendships were so much our life

March 30, 2016

Dear Max

A few weeks ago we celebrated my amazing friend Ally’s 40th birthday, which saw her here from London, along with Claire from Vancouver. Add Gabi to the mix, and there we were, old and dear school friends, reminiscing about everything from wild nights out and holidays together to ex boyfriends and poor life choices (some of which actually involved wild nights out and ex boyfriends).

As much as things change, some things don’t, and at our “reunion”, it felt like we were teens again, with no distance, kids, jobs and separate paths between us. It’s a rare and special thing among old-young friends, and something I appreciate greatly.

It’s something I’m nostalgic about it – that amazing thing when our lives were so closely linked to friendships, and weekly plans and daily phonecalls always involved our close knit of friends. It was a time when unsaid vows belonged to friends, when the bulk of our care and nurturing went there too, and when our daily grind wasn’t too taxing to keep us away from each other.

There’s something special about school and varsity friendships, once the catiness and “cliqueyness” have made way for the best friendship has to offer – care, fun, shoulders to lean on, and strong arms to hold you up, or keep you from stumbling.

Max, in between all the fun with your friends, now and in the future, treasure what you have, and make the most of golden friendships and times. Be good to those are good to you and good for you, and be as kind as you wish others to be to you.


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