It’s so true – it’s worse seeing your kid sick than being sick

March 2, 2016

Dear Max

Last week on the way to school you complained of feeling sick and dizzy. The nurse took your temperature, which was high, so you came home. Later I got a message that you were hot and vomiting, so I fetched you swiftly and took you to casualty.

Firstly, even after six plus years, I’m still not sure footed about what to do when you’re sick. It might be a lack of confidence in this department, or a lack of experience. You have – thank G-d – been healthy, and have very seldom been to the doc or been on meds (I am grateful daily for this, and I don’t write flippantly about this).

So when you are sick, I’m not sure whether to relax a bit and let you ride it out, or be the mom who leaves nothing to chance and whisk you to the doctor. In this case, I’m glad we chose the latter. At the casualty department, we were told you had the flu virus, needed around five days of recuperation, and some meds to help the symptoms. You also had a chest X-ray just to rule out pneumonia.

You were so miserable and lost your colour, spark, energy and “you”. We weren’t told that other symptoms of the virus include stomach aches and a running stomach, so for two days you had that too.

I’m not sure there is as much frustrating and hurtful for me as when I can’t make you better instantly, and when sometimes I have to inflict pain in order for you to get better (I won’t go into detail here about how as parents, we often have to administer painful meds, which while I know is a worse experience for kids, it’s pretty awful for parents too).

Fortunately, you’re on the mend. And while I hated seeing you sick and in pain, I loved hanging out with you for most of four days. We read and lay low, and as I remember from being sick when I was your age, there’s not much better than a mom’s touch, compassion and treats.

Recover well, and stay strong,





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  • Heather

    Sounds awful, hope he has healed xxx

    March 3, 2016 at 7:15 pm Reply
  • Mrs FF

    Poor baby!! Hope he is better now and mommy didn’t catch the virus

    It’s terrible when kids are sick 🙁

    March 12, 2016 at 7:37 pm Reply
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