14 words that made me the happiest mom ever

October 29, 2015

Dear Max

Last week you got your first reading assignment for home, which I had sign for (ie sign that you had done the assignment).

On a Thursday night, you flipped open a thin reading book, and lo and behold, you read it! You read short sentences, and every word (around 14 of them). And it didn’t matter that there was no plot, conclusion or theme. You read it! And I will forever remember it as your first book – the story of a frog jumping around with some characters.

You’ve known how the alphabet for a long time, but to hear it all coming together as you read these short sentences was an absolute marvel and joy, and I didn’t even hide my tears as you read through “Zip can jump”, “Zip and Pup” “Frog Can Jump” etc.

Watching you with new skills, and seeing your pride at your accomplishments uplift me and make me so darn happy. It’s the realisation that “everything is okay for now”, and it’s a comfort in the midst of occasional turbulence.

Well done my precious dude – the small book you read is a gigantic milestone, and may we have many more stories together.



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  • Daryl

    I rejoice with you. Such an exciting time of their lives.

    October 30, 2015 at 7:46 am Reply
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