You can say that you saw the Big Five on your first trip to the Kruger Park

July 30, 2015

Dear Max

I’ve written here before that my childhood was made up of annual trips to the Kruger Park, and how nothing really came close to early-morning game drives, animal spotting, jokes about hundreds of impala, and even the rustic accommodation that excludes things I love such as fluffy towels, bubble bath, room service and a mini bar (to name just a few).

Last week, we headed off to Kruger Park, as part of an Andrew family reunion (let me mention here that it was great meeting them, and they were all wonderful). It was your first time in a game reserve, and you took to it like a hippo in water. Or an elephant to a tree. Or a lion to an impala (you get my drift).

Your patience was high, even when we drove around seeing only impala, or excitedly coming across stationary cars, only to sadly find out they were looking at the tiny bird, 200m yonder (I’m not a bird hater, but I prefer spotting things with four legs). You asked a lot of questions, spotted animals, and dished out marshmallows, sticks and braai instructions each night. I started two braais while we were there (under supervision) and with your fire-fighting interest and ambitions of being a fireman one day, you put out the fires with your water pump.

We had some brilliant sightings – leopard, hyena, lion, white rhino (10 sightings!!!!), eland, nyala, elephants in the water, hippos out the water, vultures eating the remains of a buffalo, a large herd of buffalo, and an actual zebra crossing. I love finding and watching the animals, but I love the driving, the quiet, the simplicity, and being removed from the usual pace.

I love it so much that even the little white bar of soap, the thin towel, the single beds, the “Custos Naturae” logos on the bathroom tiles are luxuries to me in the Kruger “wonderland”.

You were my lion cub on this trip, and we had a roaring time. I hope we can add many more Kruger and game trips to our memories.


IMG_0023 IMG_0025
IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0049 IMG_0051

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  • cat@jugglingact

    Was that leopard carrying a baby around? Wow you had wonderful sightings! Nothing like the Kruger

    July 30, 2015 at 10:49 am Reply
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