Before I became a mom, and even after I became a mom, I said I wouldn’t do these things…

July 16, 2015

Dear Max

There’s a joke that I’ve seen on Pinterest and Facebook, that says something like “I was a better parent before I had kids”. I think it relates to how we plan to be a certain type of parent, but when push comes to shove, and we’re actually doing it, our best-laid plans vanish (much like my pre-pregnancy body did).

And even through the parenting stages, I’ve told myself I wouldn’t do this and that in the next phase, but then do the antithesis. And that’s life, I guess, much like my weekly plans to go running in the mornings, but then don’t feel like going out in the dark or cold.

So what did I say I’d never do, but did them anyway? Here are the ones that spring to mind:

– I won’t put my child in front of a TV for long periods of time

– I won’t express milk in front of anyone

– I won’t hesitate to call a doctor if I see any signs of post-natal depression

– I won’t dress my son in Hello Kitty (sorry dude – I *only* did it at home, and the Hello Kitty babygrow was blue and green)

– I won’t give in to most LEGO and toy requests

– I won’t be on my phone and laptop much while I parent

– I won’t ever skip a day of putting sunscreen on you, despite the irritation from your side

– I won’t motivate you to do well at sports by bribing you with gifts (I did this once, at your first sports day, and I’m sorry for it)

– I won’t fight with anyone in front of you

– I won’t say things like: “Do you realise how much I do for you?”,  “I’m doing my best!” and “Do you want another mother?” (I didn’t do this often, but once of each was enough to make me quite ashamed)

– I won’t let a day go by without you brushing your teeth twice

– I won’t embarrass you

– I won’t write blog posts that might embarrass you





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  • Mrs FF

    This made me chuckle!!! Guess the saying never say never is very true after all

    July 25, 2015 at 9:02 am Reply
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