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June 10, 2015

Dear Max

Now that Comrades is over (three quarters in my case), the year takes on a lighter approach. See, before Comrades, I tend to watch the calendar, and time things around marathons/ultras. It’s not to say life stops at all, but it’s just planned a little differently, and things definitely feel a little more goal-orientated.

So what are my plans PC (post Comrades)? Well, as mentioned last week, I am planning on losing weight and training better. I know I often say that line, but I’ll work hard at it regardless.

Next month, we’re going to the Kruger Park, and it will be your first time. When I was a child, we used to go there most Julys, and those memories remain among my best today, just as I loved those holidays enormously. I’m obviously excited for you to experience it, and to hopefully gain from such a spectacular, down to earth, and wholesome holiday (also hoping I don’t break my streak of seeing a lion each time I’m at the park).

Work wise, things are at high speed for the next few months at least, and I’m terrified and excited at once. I will neither lament the fact that I’m busy, or be smug about it – sometimes it feels like it’s a competition to see who’s busier, and it’s something people are proud of, or want empathy and sympathy for. Me? I’m just grateful to have stuff to do, and things to juggle, even if my hands feel so slippery at times.

You are talking a lot about your sixth birthday and party, and it looks like you’ll have a Skylanders party, something you’ve been speaking about since last year already.

As for the rest of my PC, well, I have no idea. The only predictable thing is unpredictability, but here’s hoping for continued centredness, baking dates with you, contentment and learning.



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  • MeeA

    Sounds like you’re pretty much sorted for the next while. Keepin’ on keepin’ on…
    Much the same here. I’m also looking for another Marathon to sign up for, later in the year, to make up for the one I was supposed to do next month…

    June 17, 2015 at 5:51 pm Reply
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