When push comes to shove…

April 8, 2015

Dear Max

We’re back from a gorgeous few days in Cape Town, and it’s probably a bit obvious to write, but I’ll do so anyway – we had an awesome time. Much like our San Francisco trip where we had a lot of time together, this was a bit like that too, and it’s honestly one of my best things – just hanging out with you.

On aeroplanes these days, instead of asking questions (many of which I’ve never been able to answer), you tell me a lot of facts (many of which I’ve never known), and it’s really interesting and insightful listening to your knowledge.

After checking in at our luxe home away from home, The Cullinan, we headed to the Two Oceans expo across the road, and just before I got my race number, you mentioned you wanted to do a run too. Two Oceans has a number of fun runs, and you insisted you wanted to try the 2.1km, so I got you an entry. I’ve learnt that it’s best when you initiate the things you want to do, especially when it comes to running, when it would be so obvious and easy’ish to push you into it.



On we went with our mini holiday (though it’s never entirely a “holiday” with an ultra marathon looming), spending time with family, going to the aquarium, swimming and eating.


Milkshake fuelling at the hotel

On the morning of your race day, you mentioned that you didn’t want to go run, that you wanted to swim at the hotel instead. My internal and secret reaction was “yay! I don’t have to shlep to UCT and be in the sun for two hours – I can sit on my butt, read my Vanity Fairs, and relax. I know what it feels like when you don’t want to partake in sports activities – that was pretty much my whole school life – and a huge part of me wanted to just chill with you and make your life easier.

And then I thought that at some point there needs to be a bit of a supportive push from me, so I said that I thought it would be good for you to see the run through since you had asked to do it. You seemed happy with the idea, so we shlepped to UCT, and waited for your run to start.  I didn’t realise that adults could enter the event, and without an entry, I couldn’t get into the start pen, where pretty much every young kid had a parent accompany them.

You got a bit upset, and you were worried about being all on your own. Seeing the tears gather in your eyes made me want to grab you from your start area and try to take away any pain or anxiety around the run. I told you how strong you were, how you weren’t alone with so many other runners around, and how to find one person to “follow” or stick with. As the gun went off, it felt like my heart had been hit too, and off you went, starting with a walk, and then finding your rhythm in a run.

I lost site of you as your race progressed, then went to the finish, my stomach in a knot. I waited by the finish line, and seeing you running in, waving at me when I called your name, made me prouder than I have ever been on my own Two Oceans finish line. You pushed through the anxiety, and you finished strong, and more importantly, happy and proud of yourself. And that makes you a winner, regardless of where you finished (though let me say that you did a good time and finished in around 14 minutes, but that was never the point).

Well done my dude.


As for my race, it was not my best time, but I had a great time, and had no problems on the day.

Here are some pics…



The view from my run



The hill that kept on going



From the top of Ou Kaapse Weg



The Tsogo Sun support crew

The day after the action, there was temptation…


I waited for a year to be welcomed by hundreds of bunnies at The Cullinan reception on Easter Sunday




Thank you for a brilliant few days in Cape Town,


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  • shane

    good to see that you helped max along im sure he appreciates your support the more the better i bet. Congratulations on finishing the race

    April 8, 2015 at 11:20 am Reply
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