Interview with a 5-year-old during loadshedding

April 22, 2015

Dear Max

Around a year ago, during a power failure, I did an interview blogpost by candlelight. I asked you some questions about some of your favourite things, and so, to kill some time between playing games and reading during some recent loadshedding, I thought I’d ask you similar questions, and add a few, since you’re older than when I last asked.

How old are you?

Five and a half

Where do you live?

With my mom, and with my dad

Who is your best friend?

Levi and Jonathan and Liana

Do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, my mom Note: I had nothing to do with this answer

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A firefighter

What is your favourite food?

Ice cream

What are your favourite drinks?

Water, and juice

What is your favourite chocolate?

Kinder Joy

What is your favourite fruit?


What are your favourite vegetables?

Broccoli and mielies

What is your favourite dessert?

Ice cream

What toy you currently want the most?

Lego cargo set (code 60022) Note: I kid you not, you really do know the code

What is your favourite iPad app?

Anything about firefighters and aeroplans

What is your favourite book?

Anything about firefighters and aeroplanes

On your next holiday, what do you want to do?

Go on a helicopter ride

Where do you next want to go by plane?


What is your favourite animal?


What is your favourite colour?


What makes you happy?

Getting LEGO


What makes you sad?

If I don’t get something cool, though sometimes I don’t mind

What is your favourite part of school?

Playing games when it’s nearly hometime

What is the best part of your day?

Seeing helicopters and awesome stuff



 Thanks for a great interview, dude! Til next time…



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  • shane

    i can see max loves his ice cream

    April 22, 2015 at 12:53 pm Reply
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