An awesome first school sports day (and none of us came last – woohoo!)

March 10, 2015

Dear Max

I more or less counted down the days to your first inter-house sports day at school. For starters, I was excited to see you in your school environment (see why here), plus I was keen to be at our first new-school event, and maybe mingle with some other moms (which I didn’t do, at all).



Since these sports days traditionally have parent events, I wore sporty’ish gear in case, which was good because on the programme was the moms’ three-legged race, and the parent-child piggyback event. At this stage and age, it isn’t about winning the events, choosing the “best team”, or getting irritated with the slower kids, but rather it’s about having fun and learning team spirit and camaraderie. There were no awards, no certificates or trophies, just happy kids running, doing obstacle courses, and dribbling balls, while parents cheered on the sidelines and took pics, and even videos with their iPads, which in this case was actually quite sweet.

I had so much fun watching you and participating, and even after I virtually came last in the three-legged moms’ race, you ran up to me afterwards and told me I was awesome. How great is that? You chose to see participation and fun, rather than what place I came.

Some observations from the day:

– I admit to overcompensating a bit with my choice of T-shirt. As if to make up for coming last in cross country once or twice at school (before I convinced my mom to write absentee letter for the rest of my high-school sporting life), I wore a Comrades T-shirt. Lame, but true. At least it was in the colour of your house, so I’m partly excusing myself.

– You’re good at dribbling the ball, and obstacle courses.

– When you want to run fast, you do. You were closer to the back than the front in your grade’s sprint event, but when it came time to racing your mom to the car after sports day, you outsprinted me, and possibly did the fastest time of anyone on the day.

– There are no shortcuts to doing well at a piggyback race. I tried draping your arms over my shoulders so that I could move my arms while running, but this didn’t work well at all, and it hurt your arms a bit.

– I loved the day, and I loved being at your wonderful school.

Well done for your awesome team spirit, and for participating like a champ. It might not always feel like this, but you’re a winner whether you make the podium, or stumble in first from the back. I know these are just words, but I will do my best to make you remember that the race is not only won by the swift.


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