The best thing you’ve ever said to me

August 27, 2014

Dear Max

I’ve tried to make a point of always telling you I love you. I know it might be embarrassing at a later stage, though I’m hoping you’ll be the kind of boy and teen who won’t cringe when we tell you we love you, assuming I’m not shouting it across your school, of course.

Often, to spice up all my “I love yous”, I’ll say things like “I love you more than the entire world”, or “I love you more than the entire solar system”, or “I love you more than all the Hello Kitty, lipstick and shoes in the world”. It’s all true, don’t get me wrong, and you need to know that what I feel for you as a parent cannot really be quantified.

A few weeks ago, you told me you loved me more than all the LEGO in the world. These are big words considering your obsession and devotion to the blocks.

And then, last week, out the blue completely, while we were walking to the car from Soccer Starz, you said: “Mom, I love you more than all the LEGO and Playmobil”.

Oh dude, you make me so happy. And honestly, I think these words speak more about your big heart, than anything else.

May we always feel comfortable to say I love you. My parents stopped way too early and it’s something I will try my best not to repeat.

I love you more than all the nail polish in the world,

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  • Mrs FF

    Ha ha ha ha!!!

    September 7, 2014 at 4:11 pm Reply
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