My 5 Favourite Words in English (or any language)

July 2, 2014

Dear Max

In challenge number two of Writers Bootcamp, the topic is My 5 Favourite Words in English (or any language). I guess my top five words shift all the time, but here are the first five that come to mind:

1. Son

There is no word I like saying better than “son”. It brings me pride and happiness to say it, and even after almost five years, the joy hasn’t subsided.

2. Rachmonis

This is a Yiddish word, and so difficult to explain what this is, as there’s no direct translation. Loosely translated, it means “shame”, “compassion” or “pity”, but it’s also used to describe something pitiful or lame

3. Douchebag

Sorry for not being sorry. I don’t think I need to explain this…

4. Coffee

The word just evokes moments of warmth and alertness.

5. Invitation

This word usually brings about great things. Usually.



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