Even if you know me well, you don’t know this #Writersbootcampza

July 1, 2014

Dear Max

I love a bit of structure in my life, and there’s a great motivator at the moment – a 30-day writing challenge  called #WritersBootcampZa. Each day, a new blog topic is listed, and writers have 24 to write a post and publish it.

The first topic is “Even if you know me well, you don’t know this”, and I must be honest, it’s not an entirely easy post as while I might be very out there online, I keep a lot to myself.

So Max, here are the things you might not know about your best mother (yeah yeah, I *know* – I’m your only mother):

– I hate feet, avocado and people who don’t indicate when they’re driving.

– I feel like I’ve been a mom in a sense for the last 25 years, and that I wish I could have been a child for longer.

– I fell through the cracks at school. I didn’t really do much with myself academically or culturally, and my biggest sport was going to the tuckshop for more snacks.

– I wish I was richer, thinner and prettier.

– I have been treated appallingly in a relationship, but it turned out to be a great gift, lesson and motivator.

– On my list of life to-do’s: Go to Lithuania, go to Paris more, see the Northern Lights, go to the Joshua Tree National Park, do an extreme’ish marathon, or something off the beaten track.

– My mom caught me having stolen a little toy from a toyshop, when I was about four. She made me return it, and look in the shopkeeper’s eye and say sorry.

– I battle to do one thing at a time, or even “relax” while only doing one thing.

– In my life, there’s no such thing as enough Converse, sneakers, lipstick and nail polish. What the heck is enough anyway?

– I love you Max! (but you know this. I just thought I’d throw it in again!)




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