What should I eat today, and other questions I ask myself at the buffet table

May 15, 2014


Dear Max

This is not only a post about the picture-perfect surrounds at Club Med Palmiye where we’re at, or the abundance of activities or food, or the complete relaxed mode I’m in (except when I’m decided between the food and activities each day as it’s rather overwhelming).

Though let me say that this place is pretty spectacular. You are relaxed, I am relaxed, and we’re being fuelled by sunshine, the freedom of doing “nothing” or everything, pancakes (you), mostly low carbs high fat (me), iced tea (you) and the occasional whiskey (me).

I’m experiencing a level of interaction with you that we probably don’t always have back home, and that’s one of the points of getaways, I guess. Here, time isn’t snatched, deadlines aren’t being chased, traffic isn’t being navigated, and multitasking isn’t being attempted.

You’re in a great space, as one would expect too from a relaxed and safe place. You are chatting, learning, asking, smiling, charming, running and interacting, and I’m grateful I’m seeing it all from my poolside perch that doesn’t feel obstructed by time, or anxiety, or busyness.

Right now, it’s time for our next snack as you’ve just told me you’re hungry. I’ll document more of our trip here soon.



What should we do today?




You (not to be confused with Spiderman)


Lexie, in her office


Our room is somewhere in there


What should we eat? This, incidentally, is snack one out of several per day

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