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May 20, 2014

Dear Max

This was going to be a post about our holiday at Club Med Palmiye, and all the amazing things you did, ate, saw, experienced and said.

And yes, there was so much of that. There were the pancakes you ate daily with cinnamon and sugar, the salmon you sought and ate at most meals, the ice cream you learnt to order for yourself, the iced tea you kindly requested after every breakfast.



You learnt to open our door with the key card, and for the first time leapt in and out of the lift without taking my hand. You swum confidently, using my baby finger as your swimming aid. You collected rocks on the beach to take home to your dad. You spoke to new people, took part in activities at the kids’ club, and learnt a few words in French.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.09.33 PM

But this is not just a post about how you grew so much on this trip, it’s really about love, something I’ve noticed here. And I’m not just talking about your love for pancakes and caramel ice cream, or my love for the buffet and cafe lattes when the bar opens at 10am.

It’s the love I’ve observed in the elderly couple who play cards every late afternoon, the love in the grandparents who push their grandkid in a stroller, the love in the woman who pushes her partner in his wheelchair to the dining area. It’s the love of the parent who takes pictures of their child as he rides down the slide and lands in the pool, or the mom who feeds her baby while managing two other kids at the same time.

It’s in the son who climbs onto his mom who’s working on her laptop, and despite her mild irritation at being disturbed, he spontaneously says that he loves her. It’s in the mom who never wants these moments to end because it will mean time apart, change and maybe less of those beautiful and heartfelt “I love yous” before they become embarrassing or inappropriate.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 9.09.44 PM


May we continue to feel love in many forms, and express it. Even if it’s for the ice cream. Or the fact that there is once again cheese cauliflower on the menu. It doesn’t get old, maybe just tainted, or distracted.

Thank you for sharing a trip that I loved so much, and for extending my own heart in so many ways.


PALC_F112_044 IMG_2721Balance




IMG_2670Balance IMG_2753Balance IMG_2746Balance IMG_7156


IMG_7135 Fotor051722424

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