New York for my first tech conference. #AcerConnected

April 30, 2014

Dear Max

Here I type this post in New York City, where I am for an Acer event, which is also my first international tech trip.

I was last in New York in November 2010, when you were just 13 months old, and we took the trip for the New York Marathon. Everywhere in New York I see you as you were when you were just one – crawling the floors of the iStore on 5th Avenue, in your pram in the M&M store with a big orange Reese’s ball, and outside the subway dressed for minus temperatures.



My trip this time began with revisiting old memories, at times quite tough, and creating new ones on a trip that I was so privileged to go on. Soon after arriving at the hotel, I was off – walking, exploring and seeing landmarks. It didn’t matter that I was jetlagged, exhausted or sore from running a marathon a day before – New York provided the adrenaline and the energy.

The Acer event was awesome – we were introduced to new products and got to try them out, and the energy was high – whether it was the CEO explaining the company’s plans, the journos madly filing their stories, or those like me rushing to try out an ultra thin and light pink notebook. It was also thrilling to be at that significant point when a big company reveals plans and products, and you’re there as part of those sharing that new info. So instead of reading it online, I was hearing it first’ish hand, and that’s not something I imagine will ever get old for me.


The fantastic four from South Africa and Dubai






Your mom packed two different boots by mistake. The differences were subtle, yet so significant!

I have two days left, which will be filled with seeing family and friends, shopping, walking, art gallerying and more walking. It’s raining here, so if I want to get in that Central Park run, I will need to do in the water, which is obviously not the worst thing, though I have to consider my new running shoes. I promised you a LEGO set too, so I’d be a fool not to get that too.

What an experience this has been. I miss you though – walking into the LEGO store and FAO Schwarz without an amazing four-year-old by my side was lonely. And rather unfulfilling.

Yours in the Big Apple,




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