How do I know you’re growing up? It’s all about patience for a Superman suit

March 26, 2014

Dear Max

There was a time when your patience was elusive, and like with any toddler, there was a time-urgency factor in getting things. I’m quite impatient too, but that’s more about my personality, and not like the toddler stage of NOW.

But a few months ago, you asked for a Superman suit, after watching some of the movie on TV. It was the original version, with Christopher Reeve, and though it was dated, you loved it. You began talking about Superman and his powers, and his suit.

And we looked for one. And didn’t find. And you waited. And you understood that we were looking, and reminded us gently that you wanted one. And when each visit to a toyshop or website to find a Superman suit didn’t yield a super result, you understood. Somehow you knew that eventually you would get one, but that you had to wait until we found one.

And this week, we found one at Parkview Ballet and Dress Up, a great shop that is luring me back with beautiful ballet shoes and pumps that I don’t need, but really want.

photo 1

You put it on as soon as we got to school, and I could see that glow of happiness as you stepped into a suit that you had imagined wearing for so long.

And it struck me that you’re growing up, and are learning how to wait for things that you cannot hold immediately. We have some trips coming up, and while there has been frustration at times that you can’t go TODAY, you are understanding that waiting is part of the attaining.

Well done little dude on your new superpower. I kind of wish I had more of it too. Perhaps I need those silver ballet shoes to help me.


photo 2

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