A little baker and a big overprotective mom

March 12, 2014

A head hiding in a chef’s hat

Dear Max

Last week we were invited to the Clover Big Little Cook Off at Oak Leaf restaurant, and so you, Avila and I went on a just-rained day to the event.

I didn’t think you would be doing much – the invite suggested that only kids nine and older would be taking part. But as we arrived, you were given a chef’s hat and apron, so it was all systems go. There were lots of kids there, and everyone baked in “teams” of two. You and Avile immediately kicked off with the others, following instructions (we only stayed for no-bake biscuits and cupcake decorating).




Poser part two

Since you were probably the youngest there, I felt the need to protect you, and guide you in case you didn’t understand, or in case you were feeling unsure.

I hovered, and was on hand, but it turns out you were fine. You posed for pictures, you stirred, you sprinkled, you mixed, you tasted and you had a ball. All without my help. And you taught me once again that sometimes the best involvement is no involvement at all.

Love you my little confident dude,



Hard work choosing decorations



Look who was helping you decorate – chef Coco Reinharz!

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    How cool is he mom!

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