Well what the f*#@ do I write about now?

February 18, 2014

Dear Max

I’ve been battling to come up with an idea for a blog post for the last few days. I’m not sure if the creativity is low, if I’m too scared of exposing my life here,  or just don’t have *that much* to write about.

I could write about having had a wonderful weekend in Cape Town, courtesy Flora who sent me because I “won” a tweeting competition (go figure) a few weeks ago on a media trip with them. I could write about how hard it was to be away from you from two nights, but how I had fun, and spent some time with your awesome uncles.

I could also write about how I’ve booked my trip to Paris and how excited and nervous I am. I’ll be running the marathon, and I’m not sure there has been a day since my last trip in 2008 that I haven’t yearned to be back.

I could also write about some of the “mishaps” that have happened over the last week – the broken fridge, the car that went in for a service because it kept on cutting out, the laptop charger that broke in half, or the wallet I left on a Mango plane when I flew back to Joburg and which thankfully found its way back to me. Phew. Not only does it the obvious cards and driver’s licence in it, but it has about 15 loyalty cards, slips and general good crap. Plus, it’s a Hello Kitty number that I bought from the Times Square store a few years ago.

I could also write about how Aunty Shira was here for a week from Israel, how brilliant it was having her stay with us, and how we also spent time with your other aunt Carla.

I could also write about having run my first marathon of the year last week, which was neither my best, nor my worst. I’m glad it’s done – psychologically it’s a relief that it’s done and that I’ve qualified for the ultras. And so it goes…

And obviously, I could write about your little dude. How you love your twice a week playdates with Levi, how you are loving school, how you want to spend lots of time with your dad, how often you ask me to make you chocolate pancakes, how well you’re swimming at the gym pool, and how you’re not keen to do Soccer Starz this term, but how much you’re loving music.

And sneakily, we have a post.

Love you dude!!!


Some recent pics:


*Dressed in a tutu for the Biogen Valentine’s night trail run. Confession – I didn’t run it. Rain and lightning threatened, so we left*


*Chocolate pancakes*


*Family vibes*


*Park run*


*Reflexology session with your new bestie, reflexologist Vanessa*


*A penchant for chocolate strawberries. Much like your mom’s*

Cover image via Etsy


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