January went a little something like this…

February 4, 2014

Dear Max

We’re into a new month, and I can report that January was a month in which:

– I celebrated a birthday. It was such a significant and brilliant celebration, and a really happy day and point for me. Who cares that I’m another year older?

– I more than doubled my running mileage from January last year. This speaks less of my athletic “abilities” than it does of a renewed interest in training better, and in a better space I’m in physically and mentally.

– I put on weight! Quite a lot. WTF? HTF? (well obviously it’s because I’m overeating). January is the month that most people shed, but I put on.

– I started planning my Paris Marathon trip.

– I started learning French again, this time in my own time. At the end of last year I was registered for a course at Alliance Francaise, but couldn’t make any of their time slots. I’m now learning through Duolingo (thanks Jessica for kicking me off).

– I hit Delta Park for Saturday-morning parkruns, which are now my best. Incidentally, Delta Park is where my school used to hold cross country events, and the mere thought of Delta Park gave me the sweats (not the good type). I’ve written before about how I used to come last at cross country, and how any physical activity aside from going to the tuckshop made me panic, and was very tough. I’m glad I can now go to Delta and not want to vom or fake a sick note.


– I made some wonderful new friends, most of whom were unexpected.

– I changed the themes of my two blogs.

– You started school again, and it was smooth. You are loving your teachers an playdates.


 Here’s to a fricktastic February,



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  • MeeA

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start this year.

    I fell off the running wagon a bit last week but am getting back in the saddle now. I’m still exploring options re: running clubs and such and it’s taking some time but I reckon I should be at least half marathon ready (and belong to a club that’s a good fit for me) by this time next year…
    Meanwhile, I’m looking to sign up for my first 10km race. 😛

    I have only been to Paris once, on business, and I spent the whole time there wishing I could just immerse myself in the place instead of rushing to meetings. I fully intend to go back and enjoy it properly! Also, loving all your Paris pins on Pinterest!

    February 4, 2014 at 2:54 pm Reply
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