What I want to tell you before you start a new year of school

January 15, 2014

Dear Max

You’re starting a new year at nursery school, and I’m excited for this new instalment. I loved last year at the school, and you flourished there.

I don’t know what will be this year – I can only guess that it will involve playtime, celebrations, learning and fun. And I hope that whatever challenges are thrown at you, you’ll handle them as you usually do – either by overcoming them swiftly, ignoring them, or feeling them, and learning from them when you’re ready.

As parents, we’re frustrated by our powerlessness to protect our kids all the time, and that even when we do our “best”, it’s not enough to cushion you or guard you from what’s out there. And as happy and proud I will be dropping you off at school each morning, I will always be left with a little lump. Not a lump of anxiety or neurosis, but one of awareness that the world and its people have such a big part to play in shaping you, and I hope that they will be good to you.

Max, I hope it’s a good school year. May you grow, learn and smile. May good moments with your friends outweigh the toddler quibbling or conflict. May you be healthy. May you get up in your own time when you fall. May you have the confidence and courage to hold your own, speak, and ask. May any lonely moments be filled quickly. May you have the strength to cry, to not follow the crowd, and to take kids’ nasty moments from whence they came. May we share some great after-school dates. And may you laugh a lot… it’s all about the laughter.

I love you, and I’m so proud of you. There will be tears from me as I drop you and fetch you. Probably for the first week at least.



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  • shane

    im sure max will learn a lot

    January 21, 2014 at 12:31 am Reply
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