Oh yay and oh crap – school is starting tomorrow!

January 14, 2014



Dear Max

Here’s a truth – I’ve counting the sleeps until you go back to school. I have work to do and tasks to tick off, and you being at school lets me do all of that (it also allows me to go to the bathroom solo).

But dude, there’s another part of me that wants those sleeps to never come, because we’ve had quite a special time together over the last few weeks, and I don’t want to let go just yet. We have had hours of “us” time without any need to rush off to fulfil commitments, or log on to meet deadlines.



Last week we had an awesome advencha to Pretoria to see the Mandela (you still call him “My Andela”) statue at the Union Buildings. We went via the Gautrain, and took a bus from the station to the Union Buildings.





And while you loved the train ride and bus ride, the buildings and statue were less of a highlight. Perhaps it’s your age, or maybe it’s the fact that we passed an ice cream vendor on the way to see the statue, and I told you I would buy you one on the way down. I don’t know what I was thinking. You, like me, are all about instant gratification, and rewards directly following the “work”, so once we were up, you wanted to come down, for ice cream. It was almost a case of “Right mom. I walked up. I saw. Now let’s get the hell down and eat.”


So after an ice cream, we went back to the bus. And waited. And waited. And wow you were patient. After the first few minutes of “where’s the bus?” “I waaaant the bus!”, I explained that I was just as impatient, but there was simply nothing else we could do other than wait.

And while I gritted my teeth, bided my time by counting cars and guessing what colour car would pass us next, and lamented public transport (I know, I know, there is absolutely no reason I should be complaining), you chatted and were the Chief Gautrain Bus Spotter.

When the bus arrived, we headed back to the station, and then back to Rosebank, where we hungrily sprinted to the nearest restaurant for a late lunch. Somehow, and it’s probably a first, I travelled somewhere without my little Woolies snack packs. I mean, even when I drive to Fourways I have water and nuts or dried fruit. So a Pretoria trip without the weight of food and drinks in my handbag was a Jewish mom fail.

So while I’m looking forward to your new school chapter, and my next work one, I’m going to miss our journeys together. I know the wheels will keep turning, but still…



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