The week that was full of beginnings, endings, pride and magic

December 10, 2013

Dear Max

This week has been a mixed bag – you’ve finished a school year where you metaphorphosised, with a report that makes me weep each time I read it; the great Nelson Mandela died, and we went to a party where there was magic.

In summary:

– Nelson Mandela died on Thursday night and the sadness engulfed me on Friday morning on the way to school when we passed Houghton, where Mandela lived, and I told you what had happened.

The first thing you said was “He’s now in heaven with Levi’s daddy”, and then you said something so profound and sweet, that I shared it on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.17.34 PMI love your innocence, your untainted eyes, and your desire to help and rescue. And a “naivete” that is one of the greatest gifts of a child. I hope you never lose this spirit of giving, and I hope that you might always see the universe and its workings as positively as possible.

– Your school year ended and if there was one period where I saw the biggest evolution in you, it was this one.

You had special teachers who nurtured you and seemed to have “got” you, and I guess we both a found a space at the school where we were confident and content, among some special kids and parents.

I have loved our time at Mina Lopato, and look forward more growth, social and celebration from there.

Your report made me proud of who you are, and while I’m glad your speech, coordination and numeracy are good, and that you can cut on a straight line, it’s more the intrinsic stuff that make me happy. In your report you are described as helpful, kind hearted, dependable and well liked, and we read how your confidence has grown, and how you cope well socially.

And then this, which finishes me off each time I read it: “Max has grown and developed in so many ways and I am so proud of him. His compassion towards others is so heart warming and may he always have that amazing quality.”

photo3 1461070_10151731088790426_757595037_n

– Our mixed weekend ended with a great party, and boy, did you consume all the activities like I’ve never seen before (and I might have consumed most of the food tables at the same time). There was face painting, necklace making and a magician, and while usually you’re quite disinterested in magicians, you loved this show. 




photo5 photo4

– And look… my picture  called “Plane Spotting” which was up at the iPhoneography exhibition, was also seen at Apple Week in Sandton City, along with 15 other pics. Talk about high flying!


Looking forward to some quality time with you soon. You’re on holiday, and in around two weeks I’ll be winding down a little.


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