Sweet friendships are made of these…

November 21, 2013


Dear Max

You have cultivated such sweet friendships at school, and it makes my heart warm to see you engaging with them, or even putting your arms around them. I guess it’s a relief that you aren’t that “loner” you were a long time ago (for your sake, and for the friends who get value from you), plus you have found other gentle and special souls to befriend. It helps when their moms are awesome too, but that’s just an added benefit.

On the weekend we had a playdate and three was company with you, Levi and Jonathan. You all got on pretty well, but the thing that astounded me was that you literally played “doctor” the whole day.

Before leaving, you insisted on wearing your doctor’s shirt, and during our chemist shopping, you chose a new box of plasters. Not for you, because you shun plasters, but for your first aid box.

As soon as you had seen the first scratch on one of the boys, you whipped out the superhero plasters, and started administering them. And so began a day full of plasters, and you literally running to the “rescue” each time one of the boys fell or tumbled. You even set up an “emergency” area where you put on the plasters, and twice the boys lay down for some first aid (ie you putting on plasters). You even put a plaster on my arm, after you spotted a minor cat scratch.


Max, you have always shown huge empathy and care, and it’s amazing to see how you tend to people. I worry though that you might “carry” their pain on your little shoulders (something I think your dad and I both do), but for now I’m grateful that so far, you’re a giver and a carer. And that your first aid box of caring and compassion is endless.

Don’t lose it, my special dude.



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